Partial Client List

I have been in sales for 30 years and have heard pep talks from dozens of well known celebrities but never was actually able to learn anything from them. I will use your methods and work them into my comfortable style of doing business and know I will see results.

Joe Nelson AFLAC

Michael blew my socks off the first time we worked together. His high energy and ease of meeting people, made his gift of connecting with people very clear. I knew immediately that I had to book him for a conference to share his networking talents with out sales professionals.

Dawn Iselin Northwestern Mutual

Michael Goldberg has added very effective techniques to the processes of our advisors especially in the areas of marketing and referrals.

Phillip C. Richards,
Chairman & CEO
North Star Resource Group

Since attending Michael’s presentation, I have started to systematically approach my clients, colleagues, and community contacts for specific referrals. I would highly recommend Michael to any organization that wants to outperform the norm and increase sales exponentially.

Rooney Gleason,
Vice President Gleason, Inc.

Michael is a ball of energy. His wit and on-the-mark commentary keeps you on your toes. His listening and relational skills set him apart… bottom line is: he gets results.

Lorenzo Cutaia,
State Sales Coordinator

As an agency head for many years I have come to embrace the holy grail of agency building. One of the secrets to industry leading retention and performance is to create a “greenhouse” environment that generates an endless supply of qualified prospects. The key is to teach producers the act of “fishing” and no one does this better than Michael Goldberg. His unique communication skills, boundless energy, state of the art networking techniques and accountability put him at the head of his class. In my humble opinion no agency networking/prospecting program is complete without Michael Goldberg.

Gerald J. Clericuzio,
Chairman International Planning Alliance

Michael your command of networking skills is outstanding. Your energetic presentaion of the material was both engaging and informative. Perhaps more importantly, I noticed you demonstrated a great deal of patience and empathy working with the participants, many of whom were clearly anxious.

Greg O'Gara,
Director TD Ameritrade
UBS Financial Services Logo

Michael takes nebulous subjects like networking, and provides a roadmap for effectively marketing your practice. His system for the ‘elevator speech’ is terrific!!

Frederick P. Pierce,
UBS Financial Services Inc.

Mike has made a tremendous impact on our management team by helping them communicate more effectively in the recruiting and sales process. He has provided leadership guidance and tremendous communication skills to help our organization get to the next level. Michael Goldberg has been a true partner.

Dominick Iorio,
Managing Director
Bridge Financial Group an office of MetLife

I was more than pleased; I was impressed with your presentation. I found your message not only interesting and informative; I was also impressed with your comfortableness and ease in presenting your message. Your energized presentation was a breath of fresh air to the more ‘traditional’ speakers which we have had in the past. It is always a pleasure watching someone speak with passion and be able to so easily keep so many hanging on their every word. Many of the coordinators have told me that they are still using your methods which you have taught, almost a year after seeing you… that’s results!

Michael S. Chille,
Vice President
Northeast Territory Director,