Partial Client List

Michael Goldberg is an enthusiastic and highly motivating speaker who engages his audiences in ways that help him accomplish the learning objectives while allowing the group to have fun. He always models what he teaches. Participants leave his program excited to try the techniques he presents. He is extremely effective when running a workshop, always keeping the group on target, re-directing when things go off point.

Elizabeth McDaid,
Vice President
Agency Education
Chubb & Son

Although my people understand that networking is critical to their success, many of them did not really understand the “how” until they saw Michael Goldberg. He is a dynamic and energetic speaker, but more importantly, our business is booming due to the opportunities that our sales people are starting to build through networking and I still hear our sales people using “Goldbergisms.” I would highly recommend Michael to any sales organization that wants to increase their effectiveness in networking.

Tye M. Elliott, VP,
North Territory Director

Michael Goldberg delivers proven ideas that he’s successfully applied while building his own business. His passion and insights bring a fresh perspective to networking and communication strategies.

Harry Hoopis,
Managing Director
Northwestern Mutual

Michael Goldberg was exactly what our organization needed—a dynamic platform speaker that provides relevant information that reinforces our culture of high activity and impacting client lives. His straight-forward approach and practical strategies were accepted and embraced by many in our firm. We will be bringing Michael back to build on the program and assist our advisors building markets and networking effectively in today’s marketplace.

Edward Deutschlander,
North Star Resource Groupmmediate Past President, GAMA International 2008-2009

Michael has done a great job in helping our advisors to not only understand the importance that networking has in growing their practices, but also how to implement proven strategies that maximize results at networking events. Michael has held sessions with our top producers and our new hires and is currently working with us to develop a curriculum specifically designed for our firm. I look forward to continuing our relationship and making networking a major part of our culture.

Paul Blanco,
Managing Director
Barnum Financial Group an office of MetLife