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Here’s how it works!

With every (coaching or consulting) project accepted, we’ll begin to assess the challenges you are experiencing with your financial practice (or financial services firm) that’s preventing you from being more effective at networking and generating more and better referral business. Then we can collaborate on clear objectives and outcomes while establishing a clear Networking Action Plan (NAP).

These objectives and outcomes may include:

  • Determining your level of “readiness” as it pertains to embracing and practicing a networking approach to growing your practice.
  • Brainstorming on the right target marketplace and discovering whom you serve best and therefore wish to serve most.
  • Crafting and implementing an effective communication strategy aimed at your target marketplace and effectiveness at business meetings.
  • Learning about the best people and centers of influence with whom to establish collaborative business relationships
  • Strategizing about the best networking groups, organizations, associations, roundtables, masterminds, and other related venues to attend and support.
  • Understanding, practicing, and developing the necessary skills to introduce yourself in business (and other) settings, have meaningful conversations, effectively follow up, and stay in touch to establish important (and fun) business relationships.
  • Collaborate on structure, types and frequency of meetings, and level of accountability needed to accomplish objectives and drive outcomes.

In helping you prepare for “the big fight”, we take our partnership with you seriously. Many of the financial advisors we’ve partnered with have successfully established a niche marketplace, overcome stage fright, developed educational seminars and learning systems, established their own networking organizations, generated more and better referral streams, and created stronger relationships with prospects, clients, and centers of influence.

What aspect of your practice, branch, agency, complex or firm do you want to improve?

Training Camp!™

Training CampTM is a high level group coaching program developed for top advisors, brokers, agents, reps, or “future stars” focused on generating more prospects, more referrals, and more business. Assembled in small groups, this 2 month program is designed to provide hands on “coaching” and help in implementing a proven networking system that absolutely works for your practice or business. As in the ring, it’s all about the training and conditioning and Training Camp will help you with both!

Attendees receive:

  • Manual and all materials in PDF format
  • Michael’s book Knock-Out Networking!TM.
  • Weekly tracking and reporting of goals, activities and results for review, and suggestions insuring alignment with goals.
  • Unlimited email access to the Knock-Out Networking team to customize documents, get questions answered, and gain support through the process.

Outcomes include:

  • Developing the confidence to generate more referral business NOW!
  • Formulating GOALS and objectives aligned with the vision of your practice or business.
  • Establishing a target marketplace where you do your best and most work.
  • Better connects and relationships with new prospects and COI.
  • Crafting an Action Plan to keep focused on goals and production.
  • Implementing “best practices” discussed from others in the industry.
  • Creating accountability partners to stay focused on Revenue Producing Activities (RPA).

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