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“Work your Daily Fight Plan to Generate More Prospects and Referrals!”

“Michael was extremely valuable at helping our team more than double their effectiveness at conferences and other networking events. It is now apparent that we were “fishing” before with great effort, but we didn’t have the casting technique correct nor did we cast in the best part of the lake at the best time. Michael has been a great resource for our team and any new hire will definitely need to be onboarded with his techniques.”

– CEO AGR Capital, Private Equity

Corporate On-Demand Courses

Knock Out University
Fight Club (12 Rounds of Networking)

On-Demand Courses (See Topic of Each Course Below!)

Learn the approaches to networking and generating referrals at your own pace!

Subscribing to KO Networking University gives you 24/7 access to all video courses.

Financial Advisors and Other Sales Producers
If you’re a sales producer, implementing the approaches in this program will result in increased production and developing more and better relationships.

Field Leaders
If you’re a field leader (branch manager, agency director), this program will lead to better recruiting and hiring of more quality candidates while increasing agency retention.


Are You Ready to Lead Your Team to More Prospects, More Referrals, and More Business?

  • Unlimited access to 24 On-Demand Video Courses.
  • Worksheets, Daily Fight Plans, and Accountability Tools.
  • Copy of Knockout Networking for Financial Advisors.
  • Get Michael “in your corner” for Strategy Sessions.
  • Access to Michael’s national networking community.

Group Subscriptions

Group subscriptions begin at $3,500 for 20 individual one-year subscriptions. Additional individual subscriptions are $125 each.

Discounts available for large groups in branches, agencies, or corporate/enterprise level related initiatives.

Find out how Michael can help your team generate more prospects, more referrals, and more business!

To learn more, please contact Knock Out Networking at 732-961-7878 or “weigh in” at info@KOnetworking.com

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