Networking for Producers

The Proven Program Guaranteed to Grow Your Practice

Full Day Seminar – Delivered in 3 Sessions (Up to 6 hours)

Session 1
Networking, along with phone skills, persistence, and work ethic is vital to your success and your overall survival as an agent or advisor. Discussion points in this session include issues and challenges in the financial services industry for new (and even not so new) producers and how to overcome them, the rules of networking, the right attitude, communication strategies, active listening, overcoming fears and shyness, how to deal with sticky situations, and how to meet and greet others in a networking scenario.
Session 2
The myth is that good communication comes naturally. Most take communication for granted and don’t spend enough time developing the necessary skills. Agents and advisors often forget that communication is a not just simple process of one person telling (or expressing) something to another. Does the recipient of the message actually get meaning from the words used? How many times is communication unclear in a networking scenario? How many times does a rep walk away from a conversation without a clue what that other person does for work or what they may be looking for? Ever feel that your communication style and approach is different than someone else’s? In this session, you will discover the power of communication and how it can impact your production.
Session 3
Outside of having a giving nature, the best networkers are focused, persistent, and organized. Having a process or system in place will help you get this way. In this session, you will recap on many of the concepts already discussed, and learn about The “Building Blocks to Networking” System. This system will help you best implement your networking strategy and make it work for you. Also, you will learn about and develop your Networking Action Plan (NAP) and Networking Scorecard to track all incoming and ongoing business. What gets measured gets done!

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