Michael Goldberg, CSP

Michael speaks at conferences, conventions, agency meetings, roadshows, and gets sponsored to speak at events for broker-dealers in the agency, wirehouse, and Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) channels.

If you’re interested in booking Michael to speak, please contact Jeff Sullivan at 210-473-2863 or email.

Otherwise, here are some other ways to make Knock Out Networking available to your financial advisors and sales producers!

Online Learning KO Networking University

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Course: Networking Fight Club for Individual Subscribers

We don’t talk about Fight Club. But we do talk about Networking!

Gain access to short videos (8-10 minutes in length) and weekly accountability tools to help you be more confident and become a “Knock Out” networker.

Plus, you’ll have Michael LIVE “in your corner” helping you implement strategies to generate more prospects, more referrals, more business, and if you’re a manager – more recruits!

License Online Learning Platform and KO Networking University companywide

Course: Networking Fight Club for Agencies, Firms, Branches, or Company wide

If you’re interested in providing access to our on-line networking course Fight Club, on your Learning Management System (LMS),  please contact Jeff Sullivan at 210-473-2863 or email.

Training Camp and Group Coaching

Training Camp is a high-level group coaching program developed for top producers including advisors, brokers, agents, reps, or “future stars” focused on generating more prospects, more referrals, and more business. Assembled in small groups, this program is designed to provide hands on “coaching” and help in implementing the Knock Out Networking system to your practice, business, agency, firm, branch, or complex.

As in the ring, training and conditioning is everything. Especially in the opening and closing rounds! If you’re serious about your business and putting in the rounds to develop your target market and implement the networking strategies necessary to generate referral business, get yourself into Training Camp!

Attendees receive:

  • Manual and all materials in PDF format
  • Michael’s book Knock Out Networking for Financial Advisors and Other Sales Producers
  • Weekly tracking and reporting of goals, activities, and results for review.
  • Suggested “next steps” throughout Training Camp.
  • Unlimited email access to Michael to customize documents, get questions answered, and gain support through the entire Training Camp.

Outcomes include:

  • Developing the confidence to network and generate more referral business NOW!
  • Formulating GOALS and objectives aligned with the vision of your practice or business.
  • Establishing a target marketplace where you do your best and most work.
  • Better connections and relationships with new prospects and COI.
  • Crafting a Fight Plan to keep focused on goals and production.
  • Implementing “best practices” discussed from others in the industry.
  • Creating accountability partners to stay focused on Revenue Producing Activities (RPA).


Being “In Your Corner” and Individual Coaching

Having Michael in your corner will help you to become more focused, organized, and accountable around your goals and your Daily Fight Plan. Yes, a daily plan!

How great would it be to have a daily process to help you stay on track and focused?

That’s the Daily Fight Plan!

As a financial advisor, broker, agent, or other sales producer, it’s important to have a structured and focused approach to your Knock Out Networking strategies and having Michael as a coach might be the best way to help you generate more prospects, more referrals, and more business.

Objectives and outcomes may include:

  • Determining your level of “readiness” for a networking approach to grow your practice.
  • Discovering what target market you may serve best and therefore wish to serve most.
  • Crafting and implementing an effective communication strategy.
  • Learning about the best centers of influence to establish collaborative business relationships.
  • Exploring the best networking groups, associations, and roundtables to attend and support.
  • Developing the Knock Out Networking strategies needed to best Prepare, Present, Follow Up, and Stay in Touch with your contacts and connections.
  • Determining structure and level of accountability to accomplish objectives and drive outcomes.

In helping you prepare for “the big fight”, I take my partnership with you seriously.

What aspects of your practice, branch, agency, complex or firm do you want to improve?


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