Book Michael to Speak at Your Firm!

Put Michael in your corner and add a “one-two” punch to your production, recruitment, and retention!

Michael speaks at conferences and associations, runs sales meetings, and delivers “results driven” knock-out programs on networking, referral marketing, and sales presentations. When he tells an audience how to do it, they know he has already done it…and it works!

All of Michael’s presentations can be delivered as a main platform keynote, kick-off, sales meeting, half or full day of “training”, conference workshop, study group, or webinar.

All presentations listed below can be customized for your complex, branch, agency, or firm.

Here’s a blurb about the book.

Knock-Out Networking!TM is based on Michael Goldberg’s proven system for attracting more prospects, more referrals, and more business to the pipeline. These proven approaches have helped thousands of advisors, brokers, agents, producers, and reps change the way they develop relationships. And they will do the same for you!

The One-Two Punch to Growing Your Business

What do boxing and networking have in common? They’re both contact sports! And the more and better contacts you make, the more chances to become a winner. Most advisors, agents, and sales reps are not born networkers. Great networkers develop the skills through education, training, practice, and having a positive attitude. Whether you’re in the market to write more business, recruit more prospects, or land a job, it’s not who you know but who you want to know. In this interactive presentation, attendees will learn the techniques and approaches to effectively greet people, hand out and ask for business cards, tactfully transition and end conversations, deliver a “non-canned” elevator pitch, follow up, maintain a networking focus and strategy, generate more referrals, and most importantly – create key relationships.

Half Day (2-3 Hours) / Full Day Seminar (Up to 6 Hours)

Ever go to a public swimming pool? Pool rules are always posted to protect everyone and insure a safe swimming experience. Imagine if there were rules posted at every networking event you attended including association meetings, conferences, conventions, trade shows, chamber mixers, golf outings, client appreciation functions, and community venues. Wouldn’t you be better at networking? Meet better networkers? Write more business? Of course! Have no fear! The Networking Rules are here! Learn the “rules to networking” and land more prospects, more referrals, and more business.

Keynote Presentation (45-90 Minutes)

For some, making a personal connection comes naturally. For most, it takes work. A lot of work! Most advisors and agents take communication and the ability to “connect” for granted and don’t spend enough time developing the necessary skills. It’s easy to forget that making a connection with others is not a simple process of one person telling (or selling) something to another. Does the recipient of the message actually get meaning from the words used? How many times is communication unclear? How many times does an advisor walk away from a conversation without a clue what that other person does for work or what they may be looking for? How can relationships be developed without the ability to create rapport? Discover the power of making more and better connections and how it can impact your business.

Keynote Presentation (45 Minutes)