“Work your Daily Fight Plan to Generate More Prospects and Referrals!”


“Michael was extremely valuable at helping our team more than double their effectiveness at conferences and other networking events. It is now apparent that we were “fishing” before with great effort, but we didn’t have the casting technique correct nor did we cast in the best part of the lake at the best time. Michael has been a great resource for our team and any new hire will definitely need to be onboarded with his techniques.”

– CEO AGR Capital, Private Equity

licensing for corporate training camp


Provide your team of sales producers’ access to Knock Out Networking’s Corporate Training Camp – an 8-week “on demand” video course focused on developing a “Fight Plan” to generate more referral business.


All “on demand” video content is made up of short videos (8-10 minutes in duration) and can be made available for corporate Learning Management Systems (LMS) and on all iPhone and Android devices.

Your sales team will receive weekly accountability updates through their phone and other devices helping to reinforce learning, implement approaches, and make the process fun!

Access to corporate training content may be based on an annual or multi-year license.

Knock Out Networking is a speaking, training, and coaching firm focused on helping sales producers grow their business through networking and referral marketing.

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