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“For networking to take, you have to give.” – Michael Goldberg

THE Networking Group (TNG) is a “vetted-before-invite” networking community focused on helping high caliber business owners, entrepreneurs, and sales leaders grow their business.

TNG was founded by Michael Goldberg in 2014 in New York City and has developed into a national networking organization. Locations include Philadelphia, Atlanta, New Jersey, Florida, and San Francisco.

TNG leads morning and evening virtual networking events for “vetted” attendees and a devoted Membership Community.

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The Networking Group is a “vetted-before-invite” networking community focused on helping high caliber business owners grow their business.
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Paul Blanco, Managing Director, Barnum Financial Group

“Michael has done a great job in helping our advisors to not only understand the importance that networking has in growing their practices, but also how to implement proven strategies that maximize results at networking events. Michael has held sessions with our top producers and our new hires and is currently working with us to develop a curriculum specifically designed for our firm. I look forward to continuing our relationship to make networking a major part of our culture.”

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Elizabeth McDaid, SVP, Council for Insurance Agents and Brokers

“Michael is an enthusiastic and highly motivating speaker. The research he does before conducting a program ensures that materials are customized to the audience. He engages his audiences in ways that help accomplish the learning objectives while allowing the group to have fun. He always models what he teaches. Participants leave his program excited to try the techniques he presents. Michael definitely walks his talk.”

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Michael S. Chille, Regional Vice President, Aflac

"I was more than pleased; I was impressed with your presentation. I found your message not only interesting and informative; I was also impressed with your comfortableness and ease in presenting your message. All too often, when a speaker is trying to get a message across, they forget that their audience needs streams of information to be broken into segments separated by humor or story…yours did both. Your energized presentation was a breath of fresh air to the more “traditional” speakers which we have had in the past.”

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Harry Hoopis, CEO and Founder, Hoopis Performance Network

“Michael delivers proven ideas that he’s successfully applied while building his own business. His passion and insights bring a fresh perspective to networking.”

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Ed Deutschlander, CEO, North Star Resource Group, Past President of GAMA

“Michael was exactly what our organization needed – a dynamic platform speaker that provides relevant information that reinforces our culture of high activity and impacting client lives. His straightforward approach and practical strategies were accepted and embraced by our firm. We will be bringing Michael back to assist our advisors building markets effectively in today’s marketplace.”

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Knock Out Networking!

Sales producers including financial advisors, brokers, agents, and planners absolutely need a “fight plan” to grow their business. Especially now! Networking, scheduling appointments, developing relationships, generating referrals, making targeted connections, and being massively in service to clients are just as important as ever! Online or “live”, cultivating “knock out” relationships is a must if your focus is generating more prospects, more referrals, and more business!


It’s All About Community

Communities have their own way of being. Communities generate an energy that people want to become a part of. And who doesn’t want to be a part of something? There are distinctions that make a community a lot more than just a group of people that drive the same car or drink the same bourbon. A community is a giving network of followers that offers recognition, learning, communicating, collaborating, value, love, passion, and fun. Some communities are strong enough to become a brand. Learn how to establish community in your business and express your brand with prospects, clients, and referral partners.

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