Networking, like boxing, is about the connection!
More connections for your advisors, agents, brokers, reps, and sales producers means more prospects, more referrals, and more business! As a manager of a Branch, Complex, Agency, or Firm, what does this mean to you?
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8 Ways to Get the Most from a Business Networking Event

Networking is more than just showing up to an event and expecting business to come your way. It would be awesome if it worked that way, but it doesn’t. Business Networking, and establishing good connections, does require work. Lots of work. In fact, the word “work” is right in the word “network”! How about that?

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Networking Breakdowns

The lack of closure made me think of how it feels when you’re dismissed from someone you’ve met at a networking event. I don’t mean dismissed right there at the event although that can happen. But when you follow up with someone that you’ve met and you never quite re-establish the connection after the meeting.

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You and Your Elevator Speech

What we’re going to discuss is not really an elevator speech. Or an elevator pitch! Because if we were to have that discussion, it may encourage you (maybe even force you) to pitch your products and services. And that’s not what an elevator speech should be about.

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Business Networking: 6 Ways to Network with Exhibitors

Because business owners and sales people exhibiting at conferences, conventions, trade shows, product shows, and expos want to sell their products and services while collecting lots of business cards. Of course! And if you’re looking to sell your product and service to them (as in the exhibitor), they don’t want to talk to you. Well, they almost never want to talk to you. Can you blame them?

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