Michael delivers dynamic, high powered, interactive keynote presentations tailored to the goals and objectives of the audience.

Presentations range from 30 to 90 minutes.

Keynote presentations may be booked in addition to a breakout session or an opportunity to have Michael faciliate a networking event to support attendees at conferences, conventions, sales meetings, and cocktail parties.

All keynote presentations available LIVE or as a Virtual Session.

Topics include:

Knock Out Networking!

Sales producers including financial advisors, brokers, agents, and planners absolutely need a “fight plan” to grow their business. Especially now! Networking, scheduling appointments, developing relationships, generating referrals, making targeted connections, and being massively in service to clients are just as important as ever! Online or “live”, cultivating “knock out” relationships is a must if your focus is generating more prospects, more referrals, and more business! 

It’s All About Community

Communities have their own way of being. Communities generate an energy that people want to become a part of. And who doesn’t want to be a part of something? There are distinctions that make a community a lot more than just a group of people that drive the same car or drink the same bourbon. A community is a giving network of followers that offers recognition, learning, communicating, collaborating, value, love, passion, and fun. Some communities are strong enough to become a brand. Learn how to establish community in your business and express your brand with prospects, clients, and referral partners.

KO Approaches to Recruiting

Field leaders that are focused on growing their team of advisors and sales producers often spend most of their time on the “pitch” rather than developing important communication strategies and their network. For a branch manager, managing partner, or general agent, it is difficult to be in the business of convincing advisors from one firm to leave and come to your firm. Networking and referral marketing is absolutely the best way to leverage social media and virtual meetings to attract more talented advisors to your firm through advocates and referral sources. Learn how to embrace a Networking Mindset and develop a Daily Fight Plan to generate more prospective recruits to your sales team!

More Prospects! More Referrals! More Business!

The 1-2-3 punch to growing your business or practice! Referrals are everything. Especially for a financial advisor or agent. But how do you ask the “referral question” without seeming pushy, self-serving, or salesy? How do you get more referrals? How do you get more of the type of referrals you want? What is a referral anyway? In this session, we’ll explore the nature of a referral, how to best define a referral, and how to create a daily system to generate more and better referrals through your Daily Fight Plan. Your Daily Fight Plan will be your daily system to keep you focused and help keep your referral pipeline full.

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