“Michael Goldberg is multi-talented. His book Knockout Networking for Financial Advisors and Other Sales Producers is a phenomenal informative read. Michael’s coaching group is excellent. He shares a lot of networking tips and accountability information in his sales talks. His material will be valuable and beneficial to beginner or seasoned insurance agents or financial advisors. Michael has enriched my career and life.” 


– Insurance Agent, Rosner and Associates

Fight Club – Online University – 12 Rounds

The course Fight Club (or 12 Rounds of Networking!) is designed for sales producers to develop their networking skills and create a Daily Fight Plan to grow their business.

As sales producers review the On-Demand videos and work through the accompanying materials, implementing the concepts into an everyday routine should be easy.

That is – if the work gets done. Like a boxer sparring in the ring!
The challenge with any training program is putting a system in place and creating NEW daily habits. Yes, networking must become a daily habit.
As in doing the roadwork every day!

Two On-Demand Videos per Course (or Round!) Approximately 10 Minutes Each

The 6 Reasons for Networking
The Definition (and Types!) of Networking

Connecting with Others and the One-Third Dynamic
Selling, Protecting Yourself, and More

Attire, Referral Sources, and More Business Cards, Introductions, and More
Starting Conversations, Questions to Ask and More Your Goals, Listening, and More
Ending Conversations, Relationships, and More How to Create, Develop, and Discover your Target Market
Create and Position your Elevator Speech Implement your Elevator Speech
Places to Network PUNCH Up your One-on-One Meetings
Starting your Own Networking Group (SYONG) Referrals and How to Get More
Preparation (Preparing for an Event!) Presentation (Working the Room!)
Following Up (After the Event) Staying in Touch (Developing the Relationship)
How to Have a Conversation at a Networking Event Types of Conversations at Networking Events
Social Media Implementing your Networking Fight Plan

Are You Ready to Generate More Prospects, More Referrals, and More Business?

Get your One-Year Subscription for $597 – includes:
  • Unlimited access to 24 On-Demand Video Courses.
  • Worksheets, Daily Fight Plans, and Accountability Tools.
  • Copy of Knockout Networking for Financial Advisors.
  • Get Michael “in your corner” for Strategy Sessions.
  • Access to Michael’s national networking community.

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