Best boxing movie?

Arguably, Rocky. The original. The one and only. And the one that helps establish Sylvester Stallone as a movie star and a member of the Boxing Hall of Fame. And, of course, Apollo Creed played by the master of disaster, Carl Weathers.

Without Apollo there may have never been a Rocky. Or six Rocky movies and three Creed movies. And I’m sure more to come.

And without Apollo, the big screen may never have met Carl Weathers.

Carl Weather’s character (modeled after Ali) was the perfect antagonist in the Rocky franchise. He was an ideal blend of good looks, athleticism, humor, ego, sarcasm, showmanship (did I say ego?), and character.

Apollo was not a character that you came to hate but he did make you root for the underdog.

We all have an Apollo Creed in our lives. The person in business that we aspire (sometimes dream) to become or simply fear. Spoiler alert: Apollo ultimately went from foe to friend and helped Rocky become the best version of himself.

Sometimes our biggest antagonists (person or thing) in business help us become better versions of ourselves. What’s yours?

Person or Company Ahead of You
They are so much more established and better! I could never do it.

Those Saying You Can’t or Shouldn’t
Nobody will ever pay me for what I do. (Someone actually said that to me when I got into the ‘teaching sales producers how to network’ business. A year later they became a client!)

That Voice in Our Head
I’m not good enough, smart enough, ready enough. Basically, not enough.

The Marketplace
Given the state of the industry or lack of demand, it won’t work. There’s not a market for what I do.

How can I possibly promote my brand and stand out from others? I’m not good at business networking. Social media is not for me.

I’m bad at sales. How can I ever sell my product or service? Or worse, everyone is a prospect, they just don’t know it yet.

Whatever the challenge, it’s about making a decision, getting the help you think you need (coach, mentor), making a plan, establishing a time frame, and working that plan. Adapt and adjust as needed.

You never know when a global pandemic may come along.

What is the best possible outcome? Worst possible outcome? And most likely outcome? Then, go for your next sequel.

Go for it.

And just keep punching, Apollo.


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