Here’s to the 10-year Anniversary of THE Networking Group or TNG!

Yep! We’ve been in the education and networking business for 10 plus years. As one of our TNG Leaders says, “Wow!!”

Where does the time go?

In the spirit of our 10-year Anniversary and Top 10 Lists (a la David Letterman), here are the Top 10 Reasons to join a business networking group!

Always a Place to Invite Prospects, Clients, and Referral Partners
Provided they are active, get involved, and have fun! Yes, invite a guest!

Improve your Communication Skills
There are techniques to deliver powerful intros, elevator speeches, and to effectively connect with others. Learn and improve them.

Get Better at Networking
Develop a process to best prepare, present, follow up, and stay in touch with contacts, leads, prospects, referral partners, and even clients.

Become a Connector
Can you name people in your network that always have someone that does what you’re looking for? (“I got a guy!”) By being active in the right group, you can be one of them.

If you golf, knit, box, ski, bourbon, watch sports, eat, drink, laugh, cry, read, write, speak, fundraise, paint, smoke, weight train, run, or just socialize, chances are you can find someone in a networking group to join you!

Brainstorm and Problem Solve
If you’re looking to improve your marketing, speaking, financial management, or looking to help your kid land an internship, or whatever, someone in your group can probably help.

Set an ambitious goal. Share said goal with your group. Commit to accomplishing said goal in said period of time. Achieve said goal by target date. Rinse and repeat. Help others do the same.

Learn and Develop Your Profession
There is always something you can learn to hone your craft and become a better business professional. Even if it’s learning a better way to write a proposal or contract. The insight you get from your networking community could be a game changer!

Generate Business
If you’re active, reliable, clear in your communication, and proactively help others grow their business, they will help you right back.

Create Community
I’m so proud of our TNG Community! Like minded business owners that are smart, helpful, fun, and support one another. If you put some work in, your business networking group can help you create your community!

Thank you, TNG, for a “Knock Out” 10 years! Onward and upward!

What is YOUR best takeaway from a business networking group?

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