It was all too bittersweet, especially leading into Mother’s Day.

First and foremost, thank you, Oppenheimer, Brighthouse Financial, and Select Sector SPDR for inviting me to lead a 3-week program on Knock Out Networking for Financial Advisors. I appreciate our partnership and the level of engagement of the advisors.

Our engagement brought me back to the exact office building in NY that my mom used to work in during the late 80s, early 90s. Mom would treat me to lunch pretty much every Friday and I enjoyed how excited she was to introduce me to her co-workers. My mom had a beautiful smile and I loved that everyone she worked with loved her. She’s been gone since 2016 and it was emotional being back in the building, in that very same café, after so many years.

The café looked exactly the same, except for the Wi-Fi and online ordering.

Outside of being a great mom, here’s a short list of guiding principles that I learned from her that apply to the business of life.

Look Your Best
Take great pride in the way you look, it’s the first thing noticed.

Be Prepared
Put your clothes, accessories, and what you need to take with you out the night before so you can just get ready and go.

Smile and Say Hello
Everyone, in the right setting, appreciates a “Good morning!” with a smile. Psst…it makes you feel good too!

Have a Good Reason
If you have a reason that benefits others, you’ll win most disagreements and arguments. Mom remains undefeated.

Don’t Lose Your Sense of Humor
Even during her declining health, mom had one-liners that kept her and others around her going.

Use Systems
Mom had a system for studying that I still use today (she helped me a lot with school early on). I use her approach when I prepare for a presentation, write an article, or even prepare for a difficult conversation.

It’s Never Too Late
Mom learned to drive very late in life when she was ready to go back to work after my brother and I were in school. She also had to learn how to balance a work life while being a full-time wife and mom.

There are plenty of other lessons learned that I think about often. I find that practicing what I’ve learned from my mom, keeps her with me always.


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