in a networking group, business group, professional association, golf outing, client appreciation event, chamber, service group, knitting group. 😉

Participate Often
Staying busy in the ring (punching a lot) is an expression in boxing that suggests if you’re busy, something will connect! Be active!

Be Reliable
If you follow up on all commitments and you do what you say you’re going to do, I promise you will be noticed.

Show a High Level of Commitment
Regard the group and those in the group as important. Make the time.

Bring a Guest
Inviting a prospect, client, or referral partner to an event is a great way to stay in touch with them and offer value.

Demonstrate Leadership
Taking ownership of a task, process, or system can make an impact with the leadership quickly. Leaders attract leaders.

Contribute Ideas
Offer feedback about what works and what might be better. Be positive and be prepared to take ownership of possible improvements and solutions.

Support Initiatives of Members
If someone in the group has a cause, fundraiser, or initiative that’s important to them, volunteer, participate and donate when possible. Offer to bring a guest!

Pump up the Energy
Bring it! Be excited to be a part of the event and about how you can add to the vibe!

Serve as an Ambassador
If you can help others – new members, tired members, or those that don’t come to events often, to be more engaged, you can make an immediate impact with group membership and retention. Not a bad thing.

Take the Initiative
An “I got this” attitude goes a long way and people WILL want to meet you and talk to you.

Of course, it all starts when you commit to making a positive impact!


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