It may seem like “common sense”, but we all have stories about those that did or didn’t do the thing – and it didn’t make the best impression.

Especially in business networking circles where a great impression can make you more attractive, and therefore more referable.

Arrive to Meetings Early
In many cases, if you’re not early you’re late.

Communicate Lateness and Other Changes
Life happens, if it impacts others, let them know.

Be Focused and Engaged
Look at the screen or make eye contact, pay attention.

Ask Great Questions and Listen
What questions would you want to be asked?

Promote Others
Pay genuine compliments about others that may be in attendance.

Get Involved and Be Active
Show up to meetings regularly and be a presence.

Do What You Say You Will Do Fast
Busy people get things done quickly, not the opposite.

Look the Part
Styles aside, how can you look your very best professionally?

If these behaviors seem like common sense, then you’re probably already making a great impression! Imagine what others would think if we did the complete opposite? (Happens a lot, BTW)

Remember, how we do anything is typically how we do everything.

When networking for business, what behaviors impress YOU the most?

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