Networking, like boxing, is about the connection!
More connections for your advisors, agents, brokers, reps, and sales producers means more prospects, more referrals, and more business! As a manager of a Branch, Complex, Agency, or Firm, what does this mean to you?
MICHAEL GOLDBERG Speaker, Author, Boxer, Knock Out Networker
Helping Advisors, Brokers, and Agents Make the Connection!

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7 Opportunities to Be More Extroverted

Think of all the times you were just going about your business and you could have struck up a conversation with someone influential (or anyone really) and there was a chance to create an business networking, or personal, opportunity. Of course, if you never strike up that conversation, there’s absolutely no chance for that opportunity.

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Answers to Your Business Networking Questions

The questions are: “How do I create a strong letter to a target market?” and “How is networking different in social settings?” I will address each question specifically and provide some approaches that could benefit your business networking efforts.

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Teaching Business Networking Skills to Your Team

In this issue of 3 Minute Rounds, I answer the question “How do I teach my team to network?” We’ll review some business networking skills that your team needs to know. The three components we’ll focuses on are having a target market, having questions to ask those in your target market, and creating and using your elevator pitch (PEEC Statement).

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