Networking, like boxing, is about the connection!
More connections for your advisors, agents, brokers, reps, and sales producers means more prospects, more referrals, and more business! As a manager of a Branch, Complex, Agency, or Firm, what does this mean to you?
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Awkward Networking Moments

In a networking environment (or perhaps at any event or party where there are others mingling around), sticky situations can arise. Here are some common potentially awkward moments, with suggestions.

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How to Overcome Your Fears

When I asked what’s prevented them from networking and meeting new people, they replied, “Fear.” Fear of the unknown. Fear of talking to strangers. Fear of failure. Fear of appearing needy. Basically, fear.

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What IS a Referral?

A “referral” is an introduction to someone that’s expecting your call to discuss the prospect of becoming your client. The key here is they have to know ahead of time why you’re contacting them – to become your client. A referral is a specific type of introduction.

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