Networking, like boxing, is about the connection!
More connections for your advisors, agents, brokers, reps, and sales producers means more prospects, more referrals, and more business! As a manager of a Branch, Complex, Agency, or Firm, what does this mean to you?
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MORE “New” Rules of Networking

If everyone was a prospect, you would have to “sell” them. Or at least you would want to. A prospect is someone that knows you or knows of you. They’re interested in doing business with you either now or at some point in the future. You know this because they told you. That’s a prospect! If you’re not sure if someone you’re speaking with is a prospect, simply ask them.

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The “New” Rules of Networking

Generally, there aren’t any established rules (at least not written) at networking events (speed networking might be the exception), cocktail parties, chamber mixers, association meetings, alumni events, and so on. But imagine if there were? Wouldn’t we all be much better at making more connections, writing more business, and developing more important relationships? Have no fear; The Rules of Networking are here!

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How to Accomplish Your Goals

As you know, most goals, especially after the New Year, are foregone conclusions. Just go into any gym or health club the first week and it’s packed. In fact, gym memberships are at an all time high for the year! Go into that same gym a couple of weeks later and you’ll see a big […]

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