“Just because you are a character doesn’t mean you have character.”
-The Wolf (Harvey Keitel in Pulp Fiction).

Two different meanings of character. There are plenty of “characters” that we know but how many of them have the character to earn your time, your respect, and the right to be introduced to your network?

In the world of business networking, here are the characteristics that most of us are looking for when growing our network.

The mindset of connecting, inviting, giving, helping, learning, and participating comes naturally. Everything we do begins with our mindset.

Excellent sense of etiquette, protocol, respect, what’s “right”, and due process. Understanding someone’s values helps us understand what’s important to them.

Looks and acts the part when the camera is on and off. Values are in line with the work they do and the marketplace they serve.

Really great at what they do. As in really great. Has experience, body of work, case studies, client stories, and has seen it all in their role.

Writes it down, schedules it, does it. On it like you read about. In fact, they follow up before you!

Takes the initiative to do the thing. Makes suggestions. Solves the problem. Handles the issue before it becomes an issue. They got this.

Totally into what they’re doing, who they’re working with, and doing whatever it takes. Excited about the cause. On a mission.

Enjoys the work, the play, and being a part of it all. Makes you want to be a part of it. Appreciates the little things. Simply enjoys.

These are the traits of the networking characters I enjoy meeting, getting to know, helping, referring, and doing what it takes to make them successful.

Are YOU a Networking Character?

Of course, The Wolf from Pulp Fiction was quite a character and one of my favorite on-screen characters. Others include Max Goodwin, Alvey Kulina, Sue Sylvester, Mike Sullivan, Nate Fisher, Herman Boone, Annalise Keating, Tyrian Lannister, Ryan Bingham, and of course, Rocky Balboa.

If there are some names you don’t know, look them up!

All of these characters have character, and all have made me laugh and cry at one time or another. They’re all deep, likeable, troubled, and complex.


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