Who’s Will Power?

Whoever he is, he’ll probably tell you that it doesn’t work. “Will power” is hoping something will work, happen, improve, and progress without the necessary measures in place to help.

Weight loss, healthier habits, and fitness are common examples. Business examples may include implementing better marketing and business networking, sales, time management, calendar management, or organizational practices.

Based on Benjamin Hardy’s book Will Power Doesn’t Work, here are 7 measures to put in place to help you, if you have the will power.

Make the Decision
Decide right now what you plan to accomplish. Write it down. Be specific! Yes, nothing new, but it’s where success begins. Go ahead, make the decision.

Create the Environment
Pack your gym stuff the night before. Don’t have junk food around the house. Shut off notifications. Don’t look at email. Go to the place (might not be your office) where you are the most productive and focused. As Hardy says, your environment will always have a powerful influence over your decisions.

Share your decision with the people that matter to you. Post your intentions, text, email, or have “actual conversations” about what you plan to do. No, really!

Hang Out with the Right People
Spend time with the people that will be the most supportive, the most fun, and that have accomplished what you’re looking to do, or on a similar path.

Continue to Learn
Spend time watching related videos (TED Talks, etc.). Read books, articles, and follow influencers that help you continue to learn, thrive, and grow.

Post in Calendar
My favorite! Create recurring time blocks every day in your calendar (preferably the same time every day) so nothing gets in the way. You almost always have control of your early mornings – if you want to.

Measure Results
What gets measured gets done. The scale, cash register, and maybe feedback from friends and clients. Determine your dashboard and keep score. It’s you and against you.

In fact, it’s always you against you. (Me against me.)

Make the decision.


That is, if you have the will power.

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