It’s almost here! As we’re running and gunning for the New Year, here are some aspects to consider as you’re adjusting your wraps and preparing to climb in the ring for the New Year!

Set Your Goals
Seems obvious I know. Consider the specific measurable goals you want to achieve in the next 30, 60, and 90 days. In fact, think about what you want to accomplish by EOY (next year), and then determine what you have to achieve in the next 90 days, 60 days, 30 days, and tomorrow.

Who do you need to meet, reconnect with, or learn from to make your goals easier to attain? Hint: If you have a target market, it will help you focus on the industry, profession, or personal avatar (characteristics of individual clients) you want to work with, then determining the right people to meet with should be a lot easier.

What communities do you need to be active (or more active!) in to generate more opportunities to speak with some of those “right people”? For example, if you’re into Peloton (I am!), is there a group of cyclists relevant to your target market? Otherwise, think business networking groups, professional associations, knitting groups, or whatever you’re into – the key, be active!

What do you need to learn or learn more about? What practices do you need to improve? Do you need to become more knowledgeable and actionable on LinkedIn? Or with networking? Selling? Speaking? Can a coach help you to become more focused and accountable?

Weekly Process
What does your ideal week need to look like to accommodate the time needed for networking meetings, prospect meetings, client meetings? What needs to happen so your calendar can help you manage on a weekly basis the people you need to meet, the places you need to go, and the areas you want to develop given your goals?

Daily Fight Plan
How will you organize yourself all day, every day to chip away at what’s in your weekly calendar so you’re making progress? We can almost always have control over our calendar but so few business owners can master this important set of skills. Managing our daily and weekly calendars while holding ourselves to task is the best way hit our goals only every time.

What is YOUR plan for these areas for the New Year?

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