Now! As in now that most of our meetings are still virtual. Online. Mediated. Or as they describe it in the world of academe – remote synchronous.

Here are 3 simple ways to keep your network strong right now!

Be Clear about your Target Market!

What industry, profession, market segment, niche, dynamic, demographic, or geography makes up your target market? If you can break it down further into interests, concerns, and motivations, great! Just try to avoid words like anyone, everyone, and someone when describing your target market. If you clearly define your target market, you’ll know where you need to go (online too!), what you need to say, and who you need to reconnect with or meet. I think they call that networking!

Develop a Top 50 List

Who are the most important referral sources to your business? In fact, who do you have a good to great relationship with that is able to refer you into your Target Market? Start making a list of those people and over time try to work your way to 50. Once you do, be intentional about personally connecting with those on your running Top 50 List at least once a month. Here’s a Knockout tip! Look to exchange referrals rather than expecting to get referrals. See the difference?

Work your ABCs

Take out your smartphone and go to Contacts. Notice how everyone in your database is in alphabetical order according to their first names? (At least mine is.) Scroll down through the names listed under the A’s and take note of all the people that you like but haven’t been in touch with simply because life took you in a different direction. You can scroll into the B’s, C’s, and so on and you will discover more interesting people. How about that? Send them a quick email or simply call them! I try to reconnect with at least one new person a day. It’s fun reconnecting and catching up. All kinds of great things have come out of those re-connections. Of course, take it to social media! Work this very simple system into your daily or weekly process and see what happens!

Photo by Heather Ford on Unsplash
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