In my last article, I shared 3 Benefits. Here are 4 more!

Hyper Focused Networking

Having a defined target market will allow you to go to the right places (events and meetings online or “live”), say the right things (questions, elevator speech stuff, follow up), and meet the right people (prospects, clients, centers of influence, mentors, coaches).

More Targeted Strategies on LinkedIn

Your posts (approved by compliance of course!), direct messages and outbound communication, shares, likes, and comments will be much more on target as you keep your target market in mind. This gets back to my last points about networking and going to the right places, saying the right things, and meeting the right people.

Better Marketing Through Podcasts, Webinars, and Seminars

Most advisors (and other types of sales producers) don’t put a lot of time into podcasts and speaking opportunities. I’m not really sure why! What a great way of providing value to your target audience while always having an event to invite prospects, clients, and centers of influence.

Being More Referable

You will absolutely generate more targeted referrals and introductions if those in your network know who you want to meet specifically and why. Especially if you have a process for connecting with the right people, staying in touch, and establishing a referral exchange program. (Yes, I said exchange.)

What are some other benefits of clearly defining your target market?

Let me know!

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