For your business networking group, Chamber, service group, mastermind, or professional association meeting!

I remember many years ago, I actually threw myself down a flight of stairs to make my BNI Chapter pay attention to me before delivering a 30 second intro.

Oh, and they did!

I was covering for a personal injury attorney and thought the best way to tell his story and have people pay attention was to, well, you know.

Of course, I got lots of requests by the members to cover for them.

I’m not saying you have to do your best Chevy Chase impersonation (yes, Google him) to get your audience’s attention, but by doing something creative, actionable, succinct, smart, different, and sometimes physical, people will notice.

And act on your behalf.

Bottom line, if you do a Knockout job delivering your intro or presentation, you will be way more referable! As in way more referable!

Here’s a 4-punch combo to get you started!

Start with your best stuff!
Story, quote, opening question, “Did you know…”, joke, or some physical comedy if you think it’s effective, and relatively safe.

Share something personal about you, family, friends.
But not too personal of course. Something that’s recent and speaks to your interests or something you’re celebrating. Say something fun, interesting, and reflective.

Teach your audience something valuable they can apply.
A tip, trick, idea, or approach that adds value to your audience’s business or life (a breathing exercise that a life coach might share) will always be appreciated.

Be specific with your “ask” or call to action.
Give enough details to empower your audience to help you. Help them help you!
Be clear, specific, and succinct in your language while over preparing and your audience will help you learn, grow your business, and have more fun!

Just watch that next step!

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