Be more organized, focused, and more in control of your time!

Here are some helpful tips to get you started!

Establish a Place for Everything
Tablet, special app, physical inbox, folder, whiteboard, notebook. Whatever works! This “place for everything” should capture everything that you need to do both professionally and personally. This way, you can rest easier knowing that everything you need to do is in one place that gets managed. Then, schedule a time to get it done.

Create a Model Week
What does a perfect week look like for you? I divide my week into half-days – AM and PM. Every Monday morning is devoted to the same type of activities, then the afternoon is devoted to different initiatives. I work that AM/PM sequence for every day of my week, so I’m always focused on meetings, projects, communication, and follow up. My Model Week is almost always the same every week unless I’m traveling, speaking at an event, or attending a conference.

Own Your Calendar
Stick to your Model Week and be committed to scheduling other meetings (even sales meetings!) around your other commitments. In fact, never bump one meeting for another unless it can’t be helped. Also, own the time you’ve committed to special projects and other initiatives that are often difficult to “find the time” for. The time must be created by owning it.

Have a Daily Plan
Or a Daily Fight Plan as I call it. Plan each day according to your Model Week (or model day) so all the important things get done or at least “worked on” throughout the day. Again, this includes meetings, preparation for meetings, projects, follow up, returning messages, and prospecting.

Plan for Tomorrow, Today
If I prepare my gym bag, sneakers, towel, and work out clothes the night before, I’m much more likely to get to the gym the next day. It’s the same thing with planning our work and working our plan. Set your Daily Plan up the night before so you can jump into your day with confidence and no surprises.


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