I love the concept of blocking. Blocking and tackling. Blocking time on the calendar. Chip off the old block. The new block. Not my first trip around the block. Jenny from the block. Chopping block. Blockchain. Off the chain!

I heard a fitness instructor use the term “blocking” today to describe improving a specific aspect of your fitness regimen, in this case, running. He said if you want to focus on endurance, then block out the next 3 months to focus on the endurance aspect of your running. Simply go easy or easier on other aspects of your fitness – strength training, stretching, diet, etc. Then in 3 months track your progress and either continue focusing on endurance for the next 3 months or focus on something else for 3 months. This way, you can track results and not deal with being overwhelmed.

It makes a lot of sense to apply the blocking approach to our businesses, too!

If you applied the concept of blocking to your business, what aspect would you block for the next 3 months to improve? Here are some examples.

  • Business Networking
  • Social Media Campaign
  • Videos
  • Speaking
  • Online Ads
  • Online Workshops

Another thought is to take just one of these areas, like speaking, and create a block to focus on an aspect of speaking. For example, delivering a TEDx talk, speaking at industry association meetings, getting booked to speak at corporate sales meetings, becoming a better speaker, joining Toastmasters.

Blocking allows us to focus on getting really good at just one thing at a time while keeping all the other processes in our business, fitness regimen, or whatever operating in full swing.

How often do we make the time to focus on improving the one thing that could make all the difference in our business? Answer, not enough.

Maybe a mental block.

Of course, the concept of blocking would first require the blocking of your calendar which is never easy and always a great place to start!


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