Own Your Calendar

If you register for a business networking event, or make a commitment to attend any event, that should be your priority for that time frame. The key word here is “commitment.”

And you gave your word.

I always find it interesting when a registered guest or member in my own networking organization says that they can’t attend an event because a client meeting came up.

You mean there was no other time to schedule that client meeting? Sometimes this is unavoidable but most times it’s not. What would you do if you had a client meeting and another client wanted to meet at that same time? Would you bump one for the other or simply offer some alternate times to meet? This is an example of owning your calendar and there are a lot of benefits to this form of practice management.

If you tend to bump your registration at an event for the next best thing that pops up, that may mean that you’re probably not owning your calendar. More importantly, you’re indicating to others that you’re unreliable.

Not the best way to establish trust, build relationships, and generate introductions.

How are you owning your calendar?

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