I lead a national networking organization. Within the community, we encourage a culture of learning, giving, collaborating, exchanging, and helping.

Part of that culture is saying, “Thank you” to those that help.

When I hear about someone helping someone else, and I’m told there was no thank you or sense of appreciation, it always reminds me that we sometimes take our network for granted.

I’ll bet there is someone in your network that needs to feel your gratitude today.

Here are 4 Knock Out ways to say thank you and offer your appreciation.

Send a Quick Email or Text

Easy. In fact, so easy, that it probably doesn’t happen often enough. Sending a thank you email could happen right after someone does something for you. This way, you don’t forget about it and your appreciation is timely.

Mail a Thank You Card

Yes, actual card, envelope, stamp, and mailbox. Now, your appreciation carries a bit more weight as “snail mailing” a card takes a bit of effort. There are online resources like Send Out Cards that allow you to select cards and type a personal message (in any font you want including your own handwriting!). This approach has the easy online feel while delivering an actual card with the feel of a personal touch. I still think it’s best if you scribble in a handwritten card and lick a stamp. But that’s me.

Provide Thoughtful Gift Card and Note

Amazon makes gift cards easy. So does American Express and most restaurants and retail stores. I just mailed a gift card out to a referral source for his favorite restaurant. In fact, the more personal you can make the gift card (favorite restaurant, favorite store, favorite flowers, favorite something), the better. Heck, if you really want to make an impression, send an actual gift! Bottle of wine, candy, or another meaningful item.

Give a Referral or Make an Introduction

This would be the hallmark of networking. Nothing says thank you more than a referred piece of business. In fact, if you want to show your appreciation to someone that provided an important introduction or referral for you, send them a thank you email and invite them to meet with you so you can explore how you might refer them business. Then take the action steps to follow through. Outcome? Better referral relationship.

Saying thank you is so easy to do. But anything easy to do is also easy not to do.

So, make it happen and see what happens!

You’re welcome.

Image by Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay
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