Anthony Joshua, former heavyweight champ, got the win over Jermaine Franklin on Saturday. It wasn’t a dominant performance, but he got the win.

For those of you that aren’t familiar with Anthony Joshua, he looks like the perfect heavyweight champion – 6’-6”, 240 lbs, and built like an Adonis.

And he WAS the perfect boxer until he was knocked out at Madison Square Garden in 2019 by an opponent that wasn’t even a household name in his own household. And with not exactly the look of Adonis.

Anyway, Anthony Joshua hasn’t been the same dominant force since the loss. His fight yesterday was designed to get his confidence back, bring him back to the fold, and get him busy again.

Sometimes that’s all it takes – even for top producing fighters.

Everyone gets in a rut for various reasons. Activity, or being busy in the ring, can help build momentum and get things back on track.

Here are some KO ways to get back to being busy in the ring and generate more business!

  • Connect with clients and explore how you can help one another beyond your current work together.
  • Connect with centers of influence and referral partners and explore how you can be helpful to one another.
  • Connect with PAST centers of influence (those you’ve lost touch with) and explore how you can become future referral partners.
  • Connect with PAST clients and explore ways you can be a resource to one another.
  • Connect with colleagues, associates, and friends from the past and see how you can be helpful to one another.

Action step! Create a system to “connect” with at least one person a day from the categories above and see what happens.

Unlike in boxing, your results should result in a win-win!

How can these suggestions help you generate more business?

Comment below!

Photo by Rikin Katyal on Unsplash

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