Steve Martin once said, “I will do anything to look like him – except, of course, exercise or eat right.”

We all have goals, dreams, intentions, whatever you want to call the thing you want. But it all comes down to the actions you’re willing to take.

What actions are you determined to take to get the thing?

  • -Exercise and eat right
  • Network and build relationships
  • Make the request or ask the question
  • Post valuable content on social media
  • Create the daily habits
  • Learn and develop
  • Give and help
  • Make the investment of time and/or money
  • Admit mistakes and be vulnerable
  • Forgive and forget
  • Set the weekly, monthly, quarterly goal
  • Post daily activities to hit said goals in calendar
  • Make the first move

Post the action you are determined to take for the next 30 days below!

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