As in a more valuable email intro.

Ever get an email introduction and it’s connecting you to someone in the hopes that there’s value? Relevance? A reason for connecting? Other than for the sake of just connecting?

Although there may be some value, a “you two should meet” introduction may not be the best use of time.

How many intros have you received with no rhyme or reason? How many of those intros have become important referral partners, prospects, clients, or even friends? Answer: Not enough.

Think quality, not quantity, when business networking. Intros should not be a quick copy/paste. The value of an email introduction or connection may be in the eye of the beholder but here are three best practices to maximize the value for both you and them.

Ask First – “Do you want to meet Sam? I thought he might be a good connection and here is why.” In fact, ask both parties before making the introduction.

Be Clear About the Why – Make it clear (based on above) why the intro may be valuable and how they can maximize the conversation. Especially if this is an actual referral for business.

Include a Profile – This is an added bonus, but it’s a nice touch to include a link to one another’s LinkedIn profiles so each party can do some homework. Of course, these days, it’s easy enough to allow them to do the legwork on their own but again, bonus points.

Remember, the purpose of an email introduction is to create a win-win connection and not waste anyone’s time while making you appear thoughtful and credible.


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