Based on “knock out” strategies of existing members!

I’m so proud to have founded a national business networking organization called (wait for it!) THE Networking Group!

Here are the “knock out” practices of many of our Members!

Attend as many events as possible.
You may not have to be at every event, but great attendance sends a loud message. What did Woody Allen say about “showing up”? 

Own your calendar.
Schedule the events for the entire month first, then schedule other meetings around what you have blocked. Make your scheduled meeting a priority. That will make fellow Members and Leaders feel like they are a priority. 

Be clear and specific when speaking.
During intros, or when collaborating in breakouts, be specific about how the group can help. Be clear about the issue you may be having or the introduction you are seeking. Details matter!

Regularly bring guests that matter.
Invite prospects, clients, and referral partners that are “a fit” for the group and that would benefit them most. Best if they can be a benefit to you too!

Take ownership of your Membership.
This is sometimes difficult if the company is paying your membership fee. Value your membership and view it as an investment in your business. 

Be in communication.
Life happens. When it does, let the right people know. Missing meetings, lateness, etc. Say something. 

Be a Leader.
Take on a leadership role based on your performance in the group. If the organization views you as a leader, so will the Members. Take initiative, consider ideas about how to make your role and the role of others better. 

Of course, being on time, staying for the duration, being in a professional setting (for virtual meetings), participating, and being engaged are the basics. 



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