I almost called this post “Don’t Be Annoyingly Self Centered”. But I got the better of myself. Maybe it’s me, but I find it annoying when a speaker spends the first 10-minutes discussing their family, hobbies, success, past clients, client testimonials, book, coaching program they’re looking to promote, or anything else that has nothing to do with why you registered for the program. That’s often 20% of the time spent in a one-hour meeting.

When leading a virtual group meeting, or almost any meeting for that matter, it’s important to start with your best stuff. Yes, your best damned stuff. And your best stuff is probably about your audience. What problem are they looking to solve? What great idea can you share right out of the gate? How can you engage your audience so they focus less on multi-tasking and more on you?

If you are truly coming from a place of service, get right into your material and the ideas that will be most helpful to your audience. If you deliver value, attendees will buy into your message and buy you!

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