I just surpassed my 800th class on Peloton. And by the time this is posted, I would have surpassed my 500th cycling ride. In the Peloton world, kind of a big deal. 🥊

I’m not big about posting “look at me” messages, so there it is!

Anyway, for those that don’t know what Peloton is, think Netflix meets an exercise class, typically a spin class. One thing I noticed, on my ride today, is a new feature (at least new to me). If you’re taking a specific online class multiple times, you get to click on an option called “Just Me”.

Let me explain!

When you take a Peloton class, you can see the names (or handles) of others that are taking the same class, as well as their performance numbers.

Well, the “Just Me” feature pops up if you have taken the same class multiple times. The feature allows you to see your own riding performance in previous classes at that same point in your ride. (So, at this point in the class yesterday my number was THIS.) In essence, this allows you to ride against yourself.

Make sense?

And aren’t we always competing with ourselves? In our business networking, job searches, client searches, personal relationships, and in our leadership?

Here are some ways many of us simply get in our own way.

Stories We Tell Ourselves
I’m not good enough. I’m not a salesperson. I’m not smart enough. What if…

Looking foolish, unprepared, not confident, not experienced, being judged.

Past Experiences
It’s never worked out. They don’t like me. The expect me to say or do this.

Not sure about the goals, outcomes, expectations, next steps, direction.

Lack of Information
I need to know more. I’ve never dealt with that. Where do I get more data?

Clear Communication
What do I do? Why? How do I help? Who do I help? What is my “ask”? Help!

How do I “hit it off”? How can I develop the relationship moving forward?

Of course, there are others, but you get the idea. Some of these mental roadblocks are related to one another but, bottom line, at least one of these holds you back. From getting the job. Getting the client. Or getting the girl. Or boy! (Oh, boy!)

We are all competing with “Just Me”. And it’s not just me.



When you’re ready, here are 3 ways I can help you!

When you’re ready, here are 3 ways I can help you!
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