I know, not the usual focus on business networking.

If we feel better about how we look and feel, we’ll feel even better about networking and the positive comments we get!

Nothing new, but losing weight or hitting a fitness goal is about reprogramming the body by creating new habits.

Here are some fitness tips to get you started! And the point is to get started!

Schedule the Time and Set the Pattern
When you get around to it is not a pattern. Once a week won’t be enough frequency. Every Monday through Friday (at least) for at least 1-hour a day is a pattern.

Decide What Effort Works Best for You
If it’s about weight loss, then training your body to increase your heart rate for a defined period of time is important. This could be a brisk walk, jog, yoga, Pilates, Peloton (or spin), dancing, or weights (high rep, low weight, minimal breaks). Whatever works best for you.

Read All About It
Make it a ritual (every weekend?) to read about your effort of choice (yoga, walking, etc.) and learn about best practices, approaches, and success stories. We become what we think about!

Eat and Drink Better
Don’t go crazy, just make small changes gradually. Replace fries with a sweet potato. Cut pasta and bread intake in half. Drink more water. Timing is also important. Eat more complex carbs in the morning, less in the afternoon (maybe simple carbs like vegetables) and don’t eat after 8pm. Again, ease into it. Jumping into a rigorous diet plan is a lot of work, not fun, and difficult to maintain.

Get a Partner
One of the best ways to make your experience more enjoyable is to find a partner that will do the work with you. This way, you can compare notes, brainstorm on new ideas, laugh and cry together, and have a level of accountability.

Establish a Time to Track Results
Jumping on the scale every day is exhausting and can be discouraging. Our weight can be up or down a pound on any given day. Weigh in or measure at the end of the week at the same time of the day. Maybe on Sundays at 8pm. What gets measured gets done. As an incentive, reward yourself with your favorite “cheat food” (mine is cheesecake) if you have a good day on the scale.

Make Adjustments as Needed
If you see a trend and feel better after eating certain foods or by exercising at a different part of the day, make adjustments as needed. Your body will continue to adapt positively provided your adjustments are positive.

What Knock Out fitness tips did you like the most? Share your fitness tips in the comments below!

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