3 Ways to Grow Your Sales Team!

If attracting top talent to grow your sales team is important, take these three “knock out” action steps to create your recruiting system.


As a manager, get involved in associations that attract the people you’re looking to meet. Financial advisors, for example. Don’t join to simply poach sales producers from other firms. As conversations and relationships evolve, magic happens.

Be Specific with Communication

When networking, mention that your expertise, as a manager, is in the area of career development and training. If those in your networking community associate you with someone that works for a firm that does a great job developing sales producers, people will want to talk to you.

Regularly Invite to Events

Be mindful of local events (especially industry events) and regularly attend while inviting your own sales team. In fact, if there are sales professionals with other firms that are also local, invite them too! Suggest that everyone bring a guest from the industry who may benefit from the event.

As it may pertain to your industry, be aware of compliance guidelines, as appropriate, especially when communicating on social media.

Business networking, being clear with communication, and regular invitations to events will contribute to building a steady pipeline of possible candidates for your firm, as well as keeping your current sales team engaged and focused on growth and development.

What are your favorite recruiting tips?

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