This is the mantra of Dr. Max Goodwin, the lead character, and new Medical Director in the hospital drama New Amsterdam. Dr. Max is based on a real character that helped change the culture in a busy public hospital in NYC.

In fact, the mission of the hospital quickly became, “How can I help?”

The best networking groups, along with the best networkers I’ve ever met, share this philosophy as they help others make more and better connections.

In a recent conversation I was having with a “How can I help?” networker, we discussed four different networking mindsets that we often encounter.

Takers – What can I get? There for the sale.

Learners – How can I improve? There to develop and grow.

Participators – Ask me what I should do? There to support when asked.

Connectors – How can I help? Lead with an offer to be a resource.

We may come from all of these mindsets from time to time, but we tend to demonstrate one dominant mindset depending on the organization we’re part of or in many cases, it’s simply who we are.


Photo courtesy of NBC

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