Nothing beats going to a LIVE business networking event if you’re a networker. It’s so much fun shaking hands, hugging, bumping fists, or whatever we’re doing these days.

I’ve been having this discussion a lot. Here are some obvious (and maybe not so obvious) advantages to attending an event online!

Less time traveling, spending time selecting who you should (and shouldn’t) meet, with an opportunity to meet more of the “right” people in less time.

True Colors
It’s fun to see someone in their home office as their dog is in the background. It lends itself to more personal questions and scenarios. Of course, someone that is walking their dog, driving, or “fitting the meeting in”, well, that may tell another story.

At the Moment Research
I know you’re not supposed to multi-task (much) but who doesn’t jump on LinkedIn when you’re meeting people for the first time virtually? You can connect with them online right then!

Spanning the Globe
You can meet more people and do business all over the world. LIVE networking meetings tend to be local and may not offer a global option.

Meet More People
You can see everyone on your screen with their names, everywhere, all at once. More chances for more connections! Again, you can be choosy.

Of course, LIVE networking may be way more fun and it’s a night out. In fact, I know networkers that go to LIVE meetings for mostly social reasons. Double and triple your networking efforts by embracing both LIVE and virtual meetings and make both fun!


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