There are always people that will want to be a part of your calendar. This is a place to be a bit selfish with your time. It’s great to help others but you want your time to be valued.

Perhaps 10 percent of your time can be devoted to “miscellaneous” provided that the activities dedicated to that time slot makes you feel good. If those activities don’t make you feel good, then they probably shouldn’t be taking up space on your calendar.

I was recently part of a group meeting that met once a month. I was getting little fulfillment from the meeting and began to dread it. Once that happened, I knew it was time to get those 60 minutes a month back and devote it to something that made me feel good.

Certainly, if someone asks you to take on a project or do something that takes time away from one of the priorities in your week, it’s alright to say “no”.

In fact, just saying no feels good! Remember, saying no to something you don’t want to do means saying yes to something else. The reverse is also true!

How much valuable time can you earn back on your calendar?

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