That would be your DNM!

It’s important to be organized and have a regular system in place for staying in touch and connecting with prospects, clients, and COI. It works well to schedule this in your calendar as a reoccurring meeting for the same time every day. As in every day. Best to schedule your DNM at a time that won’t conflict with other potential meetings.

My Daily Networking Meeting is scheduled every day from 7:00-8:00am.

What a great way to start your work day! Imagine how much impact you can make in your marketing.

It’s like going to the gym. The only way you’ll make a real impact on your body is to make your workouts a daily habit.

Same thing with networking.

Networking and collaborating with others is more important than ever! The only thing that’s really changed (other than maybe the speed of your wireless connection) is geography. Just be more intentional about staying connected and making conversations mutually beneficial!

Then follow up and follow through.

And remember to unmute.

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