I currently lead a national networking organization called (wait for it!) THE Networking Group. At this point, TNG has over 80 Members nationally with Communities in New York, Philadelphia, New Jersey, Boston, Atlanta, Florida, Chicago, and San Francisco.

Although we started out in real rooms with real food and even real people, we are now virtual like many events. We do plan on having some live conferences in fun destinations to truly make this online Community a hybrid.

If you lead an organization that provides an environment of recognition, giving, helping, learning, communicating, value, love, and fun, you will provide a great environment and maybe even a brand.

If this great environment has strong leadership, structure, uniqueness, guidelines, attitude, and a following of people that share and care, you have a Community.

Communities have their own way of being that generates an energy that people want to become a part of.

Communities that I’m a part of include Peloton, Jeep, bourbon, boxing, and so on. It’s easy (and fun!) striking up a conversation with someone that is a part of the same Community that you are. Even if you’re meeting them for the first time!

I love discussing my favorite Peloton instructors while sipping a neat Angel Envy in the ring while offering a Jeep wave. Yes, Communities tend to have their thing. That thing helps make those Communities interesting, fun, and unique.

CrossFit, Spartan, Rotary, and perhaps your college are also great examples.

What is your Community? Do you have more than one? Can your Community be your target market? Or attract a target market?

Community drives behavior – where you go, what you say, and with whom. It also drives your podcasts, social media, articles, blogs, events, and other cools stuff you want to do.

How can you establish Community within your business or practice?

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