Business networking often does not have an immediate business outcome.

It takes time to make connections, develop relationships, and translate that into business. Or job search. Or whatever.
Great business networkers know it takes more than just showing up at every live or virtual event under the sun.

For true networkers, it may be fun meeting more and more people, but often, we don’t take the time to cultivate the important connections we already have.

Here are 3 reasons why your business networking may be not working:

Message May Not Be Clear
Be specific about what you do and who hires you. The “how” may not be as important. The more specific and targeted your message is, the better!

For Networking to Take You Have to Give
It’s about them. If you like them and think they’re great at what they do, make introductions, offer to help, generate referrals for them. Meet regularly. Take the initiative. And then take the initiative.

Staying in Touch
Not with everyone, of course. Who are the Top 50 people that are most important to your business? Invite them to events. Be a resource. Have a system to stay in touch regularly, at least every month or two.

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