How to Effectively Network Online

Here is the number one question I get asked from financial advisors, brokers, agents, planners, and reps now that we are mostly in virtual meeting land.

Ready? Drum roll please.

How do I network now that almost everything is online?

Good question. Below are some jabs, hooks, uppercuts, and crosses that you can implement today!

Demonstrate a Networking Mindset

One of the reasons advisors and perhaps other sales professionals find online networking so challenging is because they are not really looking to network. They’re looking to sell. And nobody wants to be sold, especially online. A Networking Mindset is a focus on learning, listening, helping, giving, and collaborating. If you help others, they help you right back!

Be More Intentional

These days it is much more difficult to go to events or to simply bump into that CPA you’ve been looking to connect with at the next Chamber mixer. It makes much more sense to find networking meetings, Chamber events, and association functions online and register there. Also, it takes extra work to schedule meetings and continue discussions with centers of influence and others that are in a position to refer business. Again, maintain a Networking Mindset.

Attend Online Events

Especially those events that are focused on your target market. (Of course, it helps if you have a target market.) If you can spend time and participate in events that serve an industry, profession, market segment, niche, dynamic, demographic, and geography that is important to you, you’ll get much more out of the event. Although it might be a hassle to find and register for some of these events, it is much easier to attend than ever before!

Have a Daily System

It’s important to be organized and have a regular system in place for staying in touch with prospects, clients, and COI. It works well to schedule this in your calendar as a reoccurring meeting at the same time every day. As in every day. Imagine how much impact you could have if you scheduled 30-60 minutes every workday devoted to coordinating online meetings with prospects, clients, and COI.

The key is to stay busy in the ring and have the right Mindset.

Networking and collaborating with others is more important than ever! The only thing that’s really changed (other than maybe the speed of your wireless connection) is geography.

Just be more intentional about staying connected and making conversations mutually beneficial! Then follow up and follow through.

And remember to unmute.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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