Create a Brand – The Handsome Man Story

I probably drove past it a thousand times! Well, maybe a hundred. When stopped at that red light across the way, I always made a comment while gazing at the sign. The front door. The parking lot. The donut shop next door.

I joked about how one day I would be their best customer. Head up their fan club. Wash cars in the parking lot. Become a customer. A regular! A place where everybody knows my name.

I would get to know the owner. Wear tee shirts with that new tee shirt smell with their name and fancy logo on it.

Heck, maybe I would even blog about it one day.

Well, two weeks ago it happened. I finally became a customer. A client! A client of The Handsome Man Barber Shop.

I must tell you it’s quite the honor to be part of The Handsome Man Club. It’s everything I thought it would be and more! I am not used to pampering myself, but I dedicated an hour to a haircut, a straight razor shave, hot towel treatment, and great conversations with Blake. And the owner, Buddy.

It was a Handsome Man fest! We were happy, Handsome Men talking about Handsome Man stuff before allowing other Handsome Men, to, you know, talk more about Handsome Man stuff.

And so, it goes.

You don’t have to be a Handsome Man (or beautiful lady) to appreciate good branding. That’s what Buddy created – a really great brand. The Handsome Man Barber Shop has become an image. An attitude. A way of being.

The shop is beautiful. Clean and well lighted. Lots of Handsome Man décor complete with motivational words and quotes on the walls, flat screens TVs with ESPN, hard covered business books displayed on the table (including mine!), leather couches and chairs, the smell of cologne and shaving cream in the air, Handsome Man barbers in white shirts and ties with Handsome Man clients in every chair.

You can see for yourself!

There’s a lesson here if you’re a financial advisor, broker, agent, planner, or other sales producer. It’s important to establish a brand representing who you are, what you do, how you work, and why you should be hired or referred.

Six Ways to Create your Brand!

Establish a Cool Name

Come up with a name, idea, or concept that you’re passionate about that makes others feel good. In fact, if you can be clever about it, all the better. A good name may lead to good pictures you can post, quotes you can use, and expressions that can become part of your marketing collateral.

Be Your Brand

Make sure you communicate and deliver your products and services in a way that is consistent with what your brand represents. If your brand or image represents thoroughness and attention to detail (important for a financial advisor!), then make sure your approach and service represents your image.

Create Your Language

Use expressions, terms, and metaphors that relate to your brand and that are also meaningful to your message. This might be tough in financial services but if your brand represents the way you serve the non-profit world, your approach might be on the conservative side so you would want your image to represent a sound, careful financial planning approach.

Establish Your Community

Create a community or target market that buys into your brand. Or create a brand that buys into your target market. If you serve the entertainment marketplace, your approach and image might represent “the competitive edge” or “a winning approach”.

Communicate Your Unique Message

Use expressions that relate to your brand in your outbound messaging including collateral and brochures, blogs, social media, posts and hashtags, websites, and promotional products. You may have to get expressions, phrases, and terms approved by compliance first, but once you do you can trademark certain terminology and make it yours. You may want to consult an intellectual property attorney after your verbiage gets approved by compliance. Knock Out idea, right?

Capitalize Your Proprietary Language

Use Capital Letters when writing certain terms and phrases that you use regularly and are associated with your brand. This is a real Handsome Man approach I know! Keep in mind that capitalizing terms may not always be grammatically correct, but it will make those terms stand out as proprietary terms for you. Then your clients will start using those terms and associate them with you.

Remember, there are financial advisors everywhere and barber shops on almost every corner.

What will make you stand out?

If you happen to be in NJ and want to talk about Handsome Man stuff, stop by The Handsome Man Barber Shop. Say hi to Buddy for me and get your tee shirt.

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