An excerpt from my NEW book Knockout Networking for Financial Advisors and Other Sales Producers about how to generate referrals!

I have many ideas, approaches, and practices about how to generate more and better referral business. I’ll share one way to generate referrals here every week (for a total of 12 rounds!) or you can simply pick up a copy of the book and get them all!

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Keep Your Referral Sources in the Loop

“Hold your friends close but your enemies closer.” Remember that line from The Godfather Part II? Well, keep your referral sources even closer.

As your referral relationship develop, circle back from time to time with the person who has referred you, for several reasons – to let them know where things are, to take another opportunity to thank them, to create another touch point, and to ask how you can help them.

Remember, the more you help your referral sources and centers of influence, the more they will help you right back. That’s how it works!

You can say, “I will keep you up to date with this. Thank you once again. This is the type of business I’m looking for – no question about it. Tell me what you’re focused on right now and how I might be able to help you.”

Keeping your referral sources up to date on the status of their referral or introduction to you is an opportunity to keep them involved in the process.

How will you develop deeper relationships with your referral sources? How will you keep them more involved with you?

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay
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