I received an email from a kid from my old neighborhood named Cody. I haven’t been in touch with Cody for 9 years, so it made my day to receive his note. I used to play football with him and a group of his friends across the street as the “official quarterback”. The kids would actually knock on my door after the workday to see if I could come out a play. I miss those days.

Here is his email!

I’m reaching out because I wanted to say thank you. There was a moment when you first started playing football with us where I remember being extremely frustrated for being much slower than the other kids. You pulled me aside and told me to play to my strengths (which at the time was my height). That was a tough time in my life when I didn’t have a speck of confidence, so it really resonated with me and has continued to influence my life to this day in sports, my career and personal life.

Thank you for all the help and the memories!


Of course, I always threw the ball high to Cody and he always came down with it.

Today, Cody is a health coach after graduating from college in Florida with a degree in kinesiology and exercise science. Imagine all the people he will help!

What are your strengths?

Focus on developing and marketing those strengths as part of your brand and what makes you different from others in your field.

As a financial advisor, broker, agent, or planner, focusing on your strengths can help you determine your target market and those you serve best and therefore serve most.

Photo by Dulcey Lima on Unsplash
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