I totally know you!”

I’ve made that same silly comment to two of my daughter’s friends since they were little. It’s just been a running joke of sorts that made them giggle. In fact, they would say it right back to me. Now they’re 16 years old and I see them regularly as they compete on the same cheer team as my daughter.

And yes, if I see them first, I’ll say, “I totally know you!” It’s even funnier when they say it to me first, which often happens.

Anyway, the point. We have so many people in our business network and through our business networking, and it’s difficult to remind all of them (even some of them) that we still totally know them.

This goes for prospects, clients, and centers of influence.

I can’t tell you how many financial advisors share with me that they wish they were better at staying in touch with prospective clients.

It may be the same story with friends that we don’t see often enough. Social media might be a good solution with some of those friends, but not all of them.

Here are two quick ways to reconnect with prospects, clients, former clients, and COIs to enhance your business networking efforts:

Direct Message
Email, messages on social media, text, carrier pigeon. Whatever is appropriate. Yes, this seems obvious, I know. But what often prevents us from writing an email or direct message on LinkedIn is, we feel the overture is one-sided. (Thinly veiled sales call.) The outreach may very well seem to be one-sided. Great networkers know how to make the “reconnect” potentially beneficial for both parties. ‘It would be great to reconnect with you! It’s been a long time. If you have time over the next couple of weeks, let’s schedule a call to reconnect and explore ways we might be helpful to one another.’ It may not be those exact words (depending on the relationship) but it’s that type of vibe. The key is in the we.

Be My Guest
Disney song aside, people love to be invited to things. As long as it’s fun and beneficial to them. Tonight, for instance, I’m attending a boxing event in NYC at a private club (Jacket required). It made me feel good that a client thought of inviting me as his guest.

Whether it’s a boxing event, a business networking event (many, including the one I lead, are virtual!), fundraiser, webinar, association meeting, wine tasting, cocktail party, or baseball outing, it’s fun to invite people to something that make sense. It’s also a great way to reconnect and refresh the relationship. Best if you can invite them as “your guest”!

Yes, easy stuff. But the things that are easy to do are just as easy not to do.

There are a few important items you’ll need if your intention is to be actionable NOW. You’ll need a network of prospects, clients, and COIs, a list of some of your favorites (you can’t focus on everyone), a daily strategy (as in every day), that strategy to be scheduled in your calendar, a business networking mindset, and an event or meeting to invite someone to.

I look forward to your invite!

P.S. We’re starting a new 8-week “how to network” class in February to help advisors, agents, and brokers generate more intros and referrals quickly. Would you like to join us? If you want to learn more, contact me directly at Michael@KOnetworking.com

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