Fun. Yes, interesting choice of words when talking about how to grow your business. Especially since what’s happening in the world is not all that much fun. Sickness. Testing. Shortage of supplies and equipment. Job loss. Business loss. Flatten the curve. Social distancing. Gloves. Masks. Six feet away. Hand washing. Sanitizer.

And all the politics and loss of life that has become our new normal. At least for now.

I think right now fun is a great choice of words. That is, if we’re in a fortunate enough position to make the best of our situation. Board games, video games, Netflix, family time, fitness, reading. Making up for lost time.

If you’re a financial advisor, broker, agent, planner, or other sales producer, it’s important to find the fun in growing your business so you can help more prospects and clients.

Here are 3 approaches you can take (right now!) to grow your business. Have fun!

Schedule a Drive to Make Your Calls

It is tough working from home. Especially if you are used to going to an office every day or visiting others outside the office for scheduled appointments. Do you find, these days, that you don’t leave your desk or dining room table for hours on end? One of the highlights of my business day is to schedule a time to take a drive. I may end up parking somewhere scenic. During drive time (or park time), I refer to an index card with a list of names of people I want to call. Some of the calls are business related, some are personal. I use this time to make some of my favorite calls so I’m being productive and, in some cases, creating space in my day to regain my sanity.

Combine Zoom and LinkedIn

My friend and employment benefit specialist Anthony Carlozo taught me this approach. Schedule time on Zoom (or another platform that allows you to share your screen) with your favorite networking partners – those in a position to best refer you. Prior to the meeting, connect with them on LinkedIn if you’re not already a first level connection. Once you do, research three of their first level connections that you would like to meet. Invite them to do the same with your first level connections. When you connect on Zoom, do a screen share and explore each of your respective connections and discuss the people you want to meet and why. You’ll flesh out who you each “truly know” and the introductions that make the most sense for each of you to make. In fact, after the meeting, write out the intro you want your networking partner to make on your behalf and email it to them. This way, you’re doing the work for them. By making it easy, you’ll develop a better relationship with your network and generate more introductions. Just make sure the relationship goes both ways otherwise it won’t be much of a relationship and it won’t help you grow your business.

Initiate Time with Prospects

Hopefully, you’re already initiating time with clients to check in and be a shoulder to lean on. Why not provide the same support for prospects? Contact your most important prospects and initiate a time to meet with them on the phone or online. It’s probably better to meet them online so they get a better sense of who you are. Remember, relationships are about the connection. When you contact them whether it’s through an email or on LinkedIn, mention that your purpose for contacting them is to network and explore ways you might help one another. Be clear in mentioning that the meeting is NOT a sales call – it’s a networking call. Certainly, during your meeting, be sure to ask about their health and safety like you do with clients. Family first. Then learn about their business or, if they’re not in sales, how their lives have recently pivoted and how you might be a resource. Not necessarily as a financial advisor but as a trusted advisor. Simply be there for them, be of massive service, and ask how you might be helpful to them. People are in need of support right now. As a trusted advisor, provide that and see what happens.

Implement at least one of these fun and creative approaches into your daily routine and I promise you will be healthier when the world returns.

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