That’s a mouthful!

That said, if you don’t participate, follow up, set up individual meetings with attendees, bring guests, and make referrals, the best networking group in the world won’t work for you.


If you’re serious about networking and growing your business, here are four reasons to join a business networking group!

You’ll Have a System to Meet New People

Whether it’s every third Wednesday of the month or every last Thursday, committing to a regular networking meeting forces you to block your calendar to meet new people. By meeting new people, you have a tremendous opportunity to learn about each other’s businesses while figuring out how you might help one another.

You’ll Have a System to Develop Relationships with Those You’ve Met

If you ask those you know specific questions, you’ll get specific answers. I’ll bet if you ask the right questions, you’ll learn something even from people you already know. What other networking groups or associations do you belong to? What are 3 things nobody knows about you? What is your favorite book? How did you get started in your business? What is your favorite movie? Show on Netflix? These are some of my favorite questions. Questions like these are fun and telling, so do tell!

You’ll Always Have a Meeting to Invite Others To

If you invite the key people you’re looking to develop a relationship with to your business networking group, they will appreciate you thinking of them. Also, if they happen to join the group, you’ll have even more opportunities to connect with them. Getting in the habit of inviting guests to your business networking groups and associations will earn you the respect of the board members and leaders of the group while helping you further grow your network.

You’ll Generate Targeted Referrals

This may seem as obvious as a ham sandwich. (Ironically, I’m eating a ham sandwich while writing this.) The part that isn’t so obvious is the required work needed to establish credibility and trust with the members of the group best positioned to refer you business. It’s important to put the time and effort into setting up one-on-one meetings, making introductions, bringing guests, and participating often. Do that!

Other benefits of joining a business networking group include mastering your elevator speech, establishing a target market, learning how to ask great questions, establishing a platform to promote a webinar, podcast, or event, and maybe most importantly, having fun!

That’s way more than four benefits!

Try to find groups that align with your values, have an energy and vibe that makes you feel good, and attracts people that you know, like, trust, and respect.

Attend a business networking group meeting today – live or remote!

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