An excerpt from my NEW book Knockout Networking for Financial Advisors and Other Sales Producers about how to generate referrals!

I have many ideas, approaches, and practices about how to generate more and better referral business. I’ll share one way to generate referrals here every week (for a total of 12 rounds!) or you can simply pick up a copy of the book and get them all!

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Round 6!

Give Awesome Referrals without Expecting Anything in Return

It’s always important to think in terms of giving rather than getting. Difficult I know!

Especially when you are being held accountable to selling life insurance, financial planning services, and getting a few more million in assets under management.

All of that is important.

But think of how much easier it is to have a discussion with a prospect, client, or referral source about referrals if you’re just as willing to refer them business. Doesn’t that make asking for a referral easier? And by easier, I mean much easier?

You’ll have much more fun with your network and not make others feel like every time you contact them, you want something.

Learn to love giving referrals to great people.

Typically, I give referrals to great people (great at what they do professionally, great networkers, great businesspeople, great personalities, great dancers – you know, great!) without expecting anything in return.

Over time, if I’m generating a lot of business for somebody and they are in a position to refer my business and they don’t, I might start looking to them to refer business to me as well. And this is just a conversation away.

If they are truly “great” people, this should almost never be an issue. If it is, they’ll tell you and you can work on resolving the issue.

Giving is one thing but a relationship should never be one-sided. That’s not a relationship – at least not a good relationship.

Imagine how great your referral sources would be if you dedicated time each week to contacting them, learning what they’re focused on, and exploring ways to refer them – or one another?

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